Our New Location

Our company has recently moved to a new warehouse that offers 20,000 square feet of space to better serve your moving and storage needs, as well as to accommodate our newest service; the storage of classic and luxury automobiles.



In addition to our expertise in packing and moving your possessions, we also offer full service storage options to meet all of your needs during a move, furniture installation or home renovation. Rather than place your possessions in a minimum security self-storage shed, by choosing Twenty Four 7, you can be sure that your belongings are safe while being kept in a secure, cool, clean, organized and professionally maintained warehouse.

Our Process

Once placed in our care, your possessions will be thoroughly inspected, photographed, assigned an item-tag number, and input into our digital photo-inventory system. Once in our system, you can request a photo-inventory report via email to view all of your currently stored items. In addition to that, with the touch of a button, we can access our records which indicate the exact location, condition, origin and date of receipt of anything we are storing for you.

Attention to Detail

Aside from our attention to detail and organization, at Twenty Four 7 we use practical and sensible methods to appropriately care for and store your items. Bulky furniture can be shrink or blanket wrapped, glass pieces are stored in our specially designed glass rack, mattresses and box springs are properly bagged, and furniture and boxes are stacked and placed in a manner befitting of their weight, size and material. These may seem like simple, common-sense measures, yet these kinds of practices often go overlooked at other facilities, resulting in disorganization, item loss or even damage to your possessions.

Professional Facility

Unlike storing your items at a self storage facility, when placing your possessions in our care, you can avoid all the usual annoyances, minor and major, that you might otherwise have to endure. Due to our clean, cool and dry warehouse, as well as our high-tech alarm and video monitoring systems, your possessions are protected from pests, mildew, over-exposure, theft and fire.

Our Commitment

We take great pride in providing not only excellent service for your pickup, storage and delivery needs, but peace of mind as well. We do everything in our power to remove the usual pitfalls that accompany moving and storage by carefully listening to your needs, following through on your requests and customizing our service to meet your expectations.

About Us

Twenty Four 7 Moving Specialists, Inc. has been specializing in the handling of high-end art and antiques for the upscale design trade in the California area since 1993.

Green Practices

We're a Santa Barbara based Moving & Storage Company that aims to change the wasteful practices of the moving industry.

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