Our New Location

Our company has recently moved to a new warehouse that offers 20,000 square feet of space to better serve your moving and storage needs, as well as to accommodate our newest service; the storage of classic and luxury automobiles.


Our Green Practices

At Twenty Four 7 we work to not only serve our clientele with integrity and reliability, but also to minimize the harmful environmental effects of an industry that inherently uses sizeable amounts of packing materials, large moving trucks and other potentially pollutive machinery.  These types of “green” practices go far beyond simply disposing of things in a recycling bin as opposed to a trash dumpster—our company goes to great lengths to minimize waste, lighten our carbon footprint and maximize the reusability of materials.

The material most often associated with moving is, of course, cardboard boxes.  While we certainly use plenty of boxes in our business, we make every effort possible to lessen the amount of new boxes that are purchased, used and disposed of.  We offer variously sized used boxes free of charge to all of our clients while supplies last.  If we do need to use new boxes, we are happy to assist with breaking down, picking up, reusing or recycling used materials upon completion of a job, or even several weeks afterward.

When packing items during a move job or at our warehouse, we do our best to employ previously-used materials.  However, we would also never use materials that have lost effectiveness when securing your valued possessions.  Any reclaimed packing materials are carefully inspected for possible damages or conditions that might diminish their effectiveness.  When we do need to use new materials, we use recyclable and sustainable substances, such as our eco-friendly bio-peanuts made from renewable vegetable starches.  In addition to our use of sustainable materials, we employ a small fleet of no more than 1-3 trucks at a given time, all of which are fully licensed and compliant with the standards set forth by the United States Department of Transportation and the California Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Resources Board.

Aside from our green practices pertaining to materials, we are also eager to help you find the best possible solution for the disposal of household goods that you can no longer keep.  If you have some older furniture that you need to get rid of, we will gladly pick up and deliver your items to any number of nearby charities—we will also collect a receipt for your donation and mail it to you for your personal tax purposes. Or, if you have some items that are beyond repair or donation, we will see to it that they are properly disposed of at local recycling or waste management centers.

Vehicle Storage

Store your vehicle in a high security, climate controlled, conveniently located automobile storage facility in Santa Barbara. Equipped with fire protection systems, TwentyFour 7 provides secure storage for all of our customers.

Green Practices

We're a Santa Barbara based Moving & Storage Company that aims to change the wasteful practices of the moving industry.

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