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Our New Location

Our company has recently moved to a new warehouse that offers 20,000 square feet of space to better serve your moving and storage needs, as well as to accommodate our newest service; the storage of classic and luxury automobiles.


Vehicle Storage

Short and Long-Term Vehicle Storage

Twenty Four 7 is now offering versatile auto storage options. Our warehouse offers over 20,000 square feet of clean, cool, dry and highly secure space to meet all of your vehicle storage needs. Whether you require long or short term storage, you can expect to have your vehicle treated with the same care and precision as a priceless work of art. If you need auto storage for an extended period of time, you can be certain that your car will be protected by a state of the art alarm system, 24-hour video surveillance, and our staff of specialists. You will never have to worry about your car sitting in a dingy storage shed collecting dust, or being susceptible to any number of potential threats, ranging from weather damage to theft, because you will have the peace of mind that your vehicle is being cared for with the highest standard of professionalism, integrity and reliability.

Storage Facility

Our warehouse is the ideal storage solution for any vehicle.  Should you need to bring your car in while you’re away on business or vacation, we are perfectly positioned near the 101 freeway and the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport.  Or perhaps you have an extra car that you can’t fit in your garage, yet you don’t want to just park it on the street and leave it exposed to the elements.  Our warehouse provides a   cool and dry   environment, sheltered from the harmful effects of heat, wildlife, sunlight exposure and humidity.  Do you have a collection of classic or luxury vehicles or motorcycles that demand the highest security measures possible? Our facility is safeguarded by sophisticated alarm systems designed to protect against fire and theft, as well as a 24-hour video surveillance system and a close proximity to the police and fire departments.

Receiving Procedure

When storing your vehicle with us, our team of professionals will go to whatever lengths necessary to ensure its safety and proper maintenance.  Upon arrival, you can drive right up to the entrance of our ground-level, automatic roll-up door, at which point our specialists will perform a visual inspection, complete with video and paper documentation of the vehicle’s condition.  Your car will then be put on floor jacks that will allow us to move it to its storage location while eliminating the need for us to drive it into position. 

Flexible Options

Once positioned in its storage location, your vehicle can, per your request, be treated to routine maintenance procedures to ensure that it is returned to you in the same pristine condition in which it arrived. When storing with Twenty Four 7, you can have as much or as little done to your vehicle as you like. Your car can simply remain in its storage location, untouched for the duration of its stay, or it can have minor maintenances performed at your request

About Us

Twenty Four 7 Moving Specialists, Inc. has been specializing in the handling of high-end art and antiques for the upscale design trade in the California area since 1993.

Green Practices

We're a Santa Barbara based Moving & Storage Company that aims to change the wasteful practices of the moving industry.

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