Our New Location

Our company has recently moved to a new warehouse that offers 20,000 square feet of space to better serve your moving and storage needs, as well as to accommodate our newest service; the storage of classic and luxury automobiles.



Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a large estate, Twenty Four 7 MSI can provide the highest quality of service available in the moving industry when assisting with your relocation. Moving can be a stressful time for anyone, so we make it a priority to deliver not only your household goods, but peace of mind as well. When working with us, you can rest assured that we will eliminate all of the usual headaches associated with moving. If you’re tired of having your furniture damaged during transit, your belongings being hastily packed in a disorganized fashion or your home being left a mess by careless movers, we offer a full-service, detail-oriented, professional yet personal solution to all of your moving needs.

Our Process

When performing a move job, our commitment to serving you begins well before we set foot in your home. Upon calling us, we go over all of your options, ranging from how many trucks and movers you would like on the job, to what kind of packing materials you’d like us to bring, to insurance choices at your disposal. We also provide a walkthrough service that enhances our understanding of the job and assists us in giving accurate pricing quotes by actually coming to your residence and reviewing options for your ideal moving plan. Once at the job site, our team of specialists will treat each item in your home with the utmost care and professionalism, carefully blanket-wrapping and placing your items in the truck in a manner conducive to both safe transport and easy access for unloading. Or, per your request, we can pack your belongings on site, using efficient, intuitive and secure methods to ensure that no items are damaged while in our care. Whether you have a large art collection, priceless antiques, high-end designer furniture or inexpensive hand-me-down pieces, we are fully equipped to properly pack, move and deliver your household goods while keeping in mind the inherent value (monetary, sentimental, or otherwise) of each and every item.

Customizable Service

Further distinguishing Twenty Four 7 MSI from other moving companies is our dedication to providing a uniquely customizable service, with a focus on precision, integrity and cleanliness. We believe that even the most unusual or difficult job can be accomplished efficiently with the proper planning, attention to detail and the ability to adapt to varying circumstances. Whether your job requires installing a marble bathtub, getting a sectional sofa up a flight of stairs, or simply loading up some boxes and small pieces, we will find a way to get it done safely and effectively.

Onsite Inventory Service

In addition to our specialists’ ability to complete challenging or unconventional tasks, we are also devoted to the more detailed aspects of moving. Upon request, we can create a descriptive inventory list of all the items we move, eliminating any confusion as to what was loaded or unloaded, and also giving you an itemized record of all your belongings that were in our care. If accountability and item identification is especially important to you, we can even create an inventory list that assigns each and every item a unique item-tag number, allowing you to simply refer to your belongings by a six-digit code, further organizing your inventory during transit and delivery.

Our Commitment

Lastly, here at Twenty Four 7 MSI, we never forget that our ultimate goal, first and foremost, is to provide the highest level of service possible. This includes not only the loading and unloading of your belongings, but also being respectful of our clients’ living spaces. We always do everything in our power to leave our clients’ homes as undisturbed as possible, while ensuring that we leave any area we enter as clean as we found it. If, for example, walking through dirt or mud is unavoidable, we will literally roll out a carpet to provide safe passage into and out of your home. If any debris or trash is left behind, our movers make sure to thoroughly clean up after themselves and act in a polite and considerate manner when it comes working in and around your home. Aside from providing the highest quality of moving service, we make your comfort throughout the process a top priority.

About Us

Twenty Four 7 Moving Specialists, Inc. has been specializing in the handling of high-end art and antiques for the upscale design trade in the California area since 1993.

Green Practices

We're a Santa Barbara based Moving & Storage Company that aims to change the wasteful practices of the moving industry.

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