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Our New Location

Our company has recently moved to a new warehouse that offers 20,000 square feet of space to better serve your moving and storage needs, as well as to accommodate our newest service; the storage of classic and luxury automobiles.


Owner Requested Maintenance

Tire Care

For long term storage clients, we recommend and offer to care for your tires during storage. In order to prevent flat spotting in your tires (radials) we over-inflate by 5 PSI and rotate them on a monthly basis so that the car is never resting on the same spot for an extended period of time. We also perform routine checks of tire pressure to ensure they never get low.

Battery Maintenance

For long term storage clients, we recommend and offer to disconnect the battery to prevent any unnecessary draw during storage. We can also hook them up to CTek battery maintainers. CTek chargers are the most technologically advanced and highest quality maintainers available and they ensure your battery will stay fully charged without damaging it during the duration of storage.

Running and Warming of Engine

For long term storage clients we offer a periodical running and warming of the engine while the car is in storage. This service is completely based on customer preference. We understand the many engine variables, especially in classic and antique vehicles and will work with the customer to set up a different schedule for each specific vehicle if warranted. Length of running time is also determined by customer. Vehicles will be started and run in close proximity to our large bay door to maintain proper ventilation. Additionally, if engine maintenance is of particular importance to you, you or an authorized third party can come to our warehouse, pick up your vehicle, and have it regularly driven to ensure that your car remains in top condition.

Washing / Detailing Service

Though Twenty Four 7 employees cannot perform this service, when storing your vehicle with us, we allow you or an authorized third party to pick your car up from our warehouse and have it professionally washed or detailed to your liking at a location of your choosing.

About Us

Twenty Four 7 Moving Specialists, Inc. has been specializing in the handling of high-end art and antiques for the upscale design trade in the California area since 1993.

Green Practices

We're a Santa Barbara based Moving & Storage Company that aims to change the wasteful practices of the moving industry.

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